You are in focus!

It is the candidate who is the star in the recruitment process.

Remember it when we call you!

Who are you?

You can be actively job searching, open for new opportunities, or completely satisfied with your current position. Whatever the case, you might one day get a call from us. The reason is straightforward: we have an open position, and you match its description.

There is no need to be surprised. You have worked in the industry for a while or have skills and experience that are needed in the position. You are attractive, and are likely not told it often enough. But we know it. That's why we call you. Take it as a compliment.

How did we find you?

Maybe you are wondering how we found you. Don't worry, we don't lurk on street corners or look in your personal mail.

We have most likely found you on LinkedIn or through one of your acquantances. Did you know that more than 70% of recruiters use LinkedIn. We are a part of that statistic, and would be happy to have you in our network. It is never a bad idea to be connected to a headhunter.

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The process

After you have chosen to take part in the process, the real fun begins! Below you can see how the process looks for you.

You receive a message in your inbox, an SMS or a call from us. In most cases, we tell you exactly what it's about: "I'm a Headhunter and I have an exciting position that I would like to talk to you about" - and then the dialogue begins. We talk confidentially with you and try to find out if you are motivated for a change and whether or not the role we are working on sounds like a match to you.

When you agree to take part in the recruiting process, you will recieve a thorough role description. It gives you an oportunity to familiarise yourself with the actual content and responisbilites expected in the position. Remember that you can always tell us that the position doesn't have your interest after all. We do the same the other way around, so it is an equal playing field in that regard.

We always research you before we take contact, but sometimes we simply don't have enough information about you. In these cases we might ask for your resume and additional information.

If the company is interested, and you are as well, then we will present you to our client. This meeting will give both you and our client a chance to ask more in-depth questions and get to know eachother.

If the meeting went well, we might have you take some tests and ask for references, and you might also get to meet more people from the company.

If everything goes as planned, then you'll recieve an offer of employment. We will of course assist you should you have any questions, however don't forget that the company is our client, and we therefore advice you to consult with trusted contacts that possess professional insights. That being said, our goal is to have both parties satisfied with the employment, and we will of course do our best to ensure that is the case. Our livelihood depends on it!

When the contract has been signed, and you have been working in the company for a little while, then you will recieve another call from us. This time we want to know how you are doing, if you're thriving, and if everything is as it should be. You are important to us even after the recruitment is over, and we would very much like to stay in contact.

Are you curious about something else in the recruiting process? See the process from our side of the table.


How long is the process?

That's a good question and the answer varies a lot from case to case. Sometimes a recruitment can take weeks, other times several months. In our experience it rarely takes more than a three months, but if things don't add up it might take longer.

Do you have a CV database?

Another question we're often asked, and this time the answer is: no, we do not, and there is a reason why.

All our processes are based on a mapping of available talent at the given time. Our clients expect a full process and not just that we pull out the drawer and take the CVs that are down there. That is why we start from scratch every time.

However that doesn't mean that you can't be a part of our network. If you want to increase your chances of us discovering you in our search, then connect with us on LinkedIn!