GDPR Politik

GDPR description

This text contains basic information regarding the GDPR area in Searchers International Denmark

Data Protection Officer

Torsten Miland, CEO of Searchers International Denmark has been appointed DPO of the organization. Torsten Milands tel. 0045 41 41 42 42 and e-mail is:

Right of access and right of deletion of personal data

Every person or company that contacts AIMS / Totem Search & Selection has the right to know what data we store about them.

This insight is obtained by contacting the DPO.

The right to delete data will occur immediately if a person or organization contacts the DPO and requests the deletion. A deletion entails immediate deletion of all data in all databases as well as in eg mail systems. In short, everywhere where data can be stored by Searchers International Denmark.

Purpose of data storage

As a recruitment company, we have a natural interest in storing personal data as far as candidates are concerned. As a company, we also have an interest in storing personal data in connection with payroll processing for employees. We are also interested in storing data about our customers (including data about employees at our customers). Finally, we have an interest in storing data about our partners.


We thus have four purposes:

  • Candidates in connection with recruitment for our clients
  • Payroll processing
  • CRM purposes
  • Collaborators

Only in cases 1) and 2) can we store sensitive personal data.

What data do we store?

Regarding candidates, we store general data such as name, e-mail, address and data that the candidates themselves have presented to the public, eg on LinkedIn. We also keep the CVs we have received from the candidate, including the information that the candidates themselves have chosen to note on these documents.

In relation to payroll processing, we store name, address, CPR number, bank information and information about, for example, illness. We only store data that is necessary for payroll processing.

What data do we keep regarding graduates?

We store:

  • CV
  • Diplomas (CPR number may occur here in rare cases)
  • Personality test - if this is done via Searchers International Denmark
  • Cognitive tests - if this is done via Searchers International Denmark
  • References - obtained after the candidate's consent and after reference information via the candidate
  • Relevant notes written down by us

What data do we not store regarding graduates?

We do not store special personal information (sensitive personal information) such as:

  • The full
  • Racial or ethnic background
  • Political, religious or philosophical beliefs
  • Trade union affiliation
  • Information about health or sexual relationships
  • Information on criminal offenses

Criminal record is obtained in relevant cases via the candidate. The candidate must give consent for us to hand over the certificate to our customer. We delete the certificate from Searchers International Denmark after sending it to our customer.

CV in databases

We do not currently accept CVs for databases in Searchers International

Target oriented search

When we contact candidates via headhunting, we want partly a communication and partly CVs that we receive from the candidates. Data will either be stored in HR Manager or in LinkedIn (in the Recruiter section or in the inbox in LinkedIn).

All data is covered by both the deletion rules and the information option when contacted by the candidate.

All data that emerges in connection with headhunting will be deleted no later than 6 months after the current case is closed.



Reference is usually made late in a recruitment process. We perceive reference persons as candidates have given us as data to be treated in the same way as other personal data. Candidates can always withdraw their commitment to access reference persons.

Access to data

As regards data relating to candidates, all employees as well as ongoing partners will have access to this data as long as it is stored in the organization.

We will also hand over this data to our customers in connection with the transfer of information about the candidates when we have to present candidates to the customers.

Regarding the CRM system, all employees and partners can see data.

Only the payroll manager can see data regarding pay.

Password and other information about access protection

On all devices, including Mac, PC, smartphones, etc., there is optimal security regarding user access. All devices are physically stored by the individual employee.

All passwords are changed continuously and at least every other month.

General deletion

We do not want to store data for candidates beyond a reasonable period after a recruitment is completed. Data for candidates are thus deleted at the latest when 6 months have elapsed from the registration. Data for employees are stored in the payroll system for 3 years after the employee's resignation. Data for customers is stored for 6 months after the last contact with the customer.


Data storage locations

We use a number of digital systems for data storage. In all these places we have a signed data processor agreement with. (See overview later, however, as there are certain providers that are not located in the EU).

We occasionally print information about candidates - for example in the form of CVs which then become physical documents. All papers are shredded at the end of the working day or stored in a locked filing cabinet. Any physical document is shredded no later than 6 months after the recruitment is completed.

Transfer to third countries outside the EU / EEA.

We often have recruitment tasks where either the company or our partners are located in a country outside the EU / EEA, also called a third country.

When we have to transfer data to third countries, we follow the Danish Data Protection Agency's guidelines on the transfer of personal data to third countries, where a distinction is made between transfers to “safe” and “unsafe” third countries.

A transfer to an insecure third country may take place if the data subject has given his or her express consent to the transfer. This means that there must be a "voluntary, specific, informed and unambiguous statement" from the data subject. In addition, the data subject must be informed of the possible risks that the transfer may entail for the data subject.


We do not currently send out newsletters.

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Data Processing Agreements

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