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No fuss - no hocus pocus!

Our processes are tried and tested, based on the latest industry knowledge, firmly rooted in over 20 years of recruitment experience.

Headhunting/Search & Selection

At Searchers International, we have one single purpose: to find the right employees for our clients.

In this domain, we are specialists, and that's why our services always deliver measurable value. It's also why our clients choose us time and time again.

Our focus is on two things only: Search and Selection in their purest form. Sometimes it's difficult, other times a bit easier. No matter how challenging the task we're given, we work with concentration and determination until the task is solved.

We've been creating value since 2000

An unfilled position creates no value, but rather drains a company's resources, and that's of no use. Therefore, it's always a wise investment to have the position filled as quickly as possible by the most qualified candidate.

For us, the process is paramount. We master it, and our skills and experiences aren't limited to specific industries. We're capable of it all within our field and tailor our process to our clients' needs. So, if you'd like to turn your potential into real value, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Searchers International

Why us?

We are efficient

In short: we deliver on our promises. This is due in part to our efficient recruitment process, but equally so to our unique work culture. We are direct and challenging in our approach to tasks, abhor quick fixes, and don't run around in circles. We don't waste our clients' time - or our own.

The Network
Our many years of experience have not only sharpened our recruitment process and work culture but have also contributed to the development of our extensive network of contacts. A well-developed network is an invaluable asset that can make life easier. That being said, our process can certainly stand alone - but it never hurts to have an ace up our sleeve.

Denmark's longest guarantee period
If using an external partner causes butterflies in the stomach, rest assured: we provide a guarantee of at least 2½ years. This minimizes the risk for you, and it's no problem for us since it's rarely invoked. This concerns Search processes. In Selection Processes we offer a guarantee of 6 months.

External Recruitment

Does it create value?

If you're unsure whether a collaboration with us would bring value to your company, ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Do you have an unfilled position?
  • Are you missing the latest knowledge in the field?
  • Is recruitment not your core competence?

If the answers to the above questions are "Spot on!", then external recruitment can indeed bring value to you.

External Recruitment - Why?

If you're pondering why it might be advantageous to engage an external recruitment partner, let's make it clear here: it's all about one thing - value.

As a company, you have a core competence that you excel in, setting you apart from the crowd and creating value for you and your customers. We have that too, and our core competence is recruitment, specifically headhunting and search.

In a collaboration with us, we will focus on what we're good at - finding suitable candidates, managing the recruitment process, and providing recruitment advice - while you focus on what you're experts in. This way, we both play to our strengths and thereby create the most value possible for your company.

If you're still uncertain about entrusting such a critical task to an external partner, consider taking a look at our references. We have many satisfied customers who are glad they chose to use our assistance.

Search & Selection

The Difference

Search is a targeted and structured process that focuses on finding candidates who match a given role and who haven't actively thought about seeking a new job. These candidates are often referred to as "passive" candidates - as opposed to the candidates found through Selection, who are actively seeking. In everyday language, Search is also known as Headhunting. Contrary to what some may think, Headhunting is not limited to high-level positions - nowadays, it happens at all levels.

Selection is a process where the position to be filled is advertised on relevant job sites - this typically reaches a much larger audience than can be reached through Search, and the motivation to be interested in a particular role is already present. At Searchers, we primarily focus on Search, but through our subsidiary Totem, we can refer to other methods.

Our Search

It's actually quite simple - and yet not quite. Searchers International conducts searches for passive candidates through a structured process that begins with in-depth analysis.

The entire process consists of 10 steps and is carried out in close collaboration with the client. We have extensive experience in how headhunting is conducted and how to assemble things to yield results.

It's not necessarily either expensive or cheap - it's Value-For-Money - every time.

Our processes can be executed in Denmark or in other countries around the world. We have a very extensive network of partners and organizations we collaborate with - in addition to Denmark, we've completed assignments in England, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Mexico, the USA, Albania, Morocco, and China. We've found foreign candidates for positions in Denmark and found Danes in other countries for positions there, and so on. We see very few limitations in the global field.


Sometimes, there's a desire to determine whether a specific type of candidate exists within a particular market. For example, it might be interesting to know if suitable candidates are available before an organization enters a new business area. It could also be about identifying key individuals at competing companies before launching into a new field.

Mapping is the solution to this scenario.

It's a strategic tool that assists in targeting the recruitment process and simultaneously provides valuable industry insights to the organization. Thus, it's not only a crucial element within recruitment but can often also add value to strategy and marketing initiatives in other parts of the organization.

Mapping is performed as a sub-process within an overall search. Perhaps an organization only wants the mapping done, after which they manage the rest of the process themselves. In other cases, the rest of the process is integrated because mapping has revealed that there are actually enough candidates available out there.

The Value of Mapping

Industry Success

CriteriaIf you're unsure about the exact skills and competencies that create value in the industry, you can draw inspiration from competing companies. By clarifying the types of employees they've hired, you can get a good idea of the valued competencies within the industry.

Process Efficiency

Sometimes, there's a need for a recruitment process to be particularly fast. This could be because you want to capitalize on a time-limited market opportunity or because an essential position remains unfilled.

Regardless of the reason, it's advantageous to already know where the necessary talent can be found. This way, you don't waste time searching in vain, and instead, you can reap the additional value that a quick hiring can bring.

Personality Tests

If you're looking to gain an objective insight into your potential employee's cognitive abilities, this is also something we can assist you with. We have extensive experience with the most popular personality and IQ tests and are happy to conduct these as part of a recruitment process.

We offer the following personality and IQ tests:

Collaboration Partners

To ensure that your new employees have the best start, we offer supplementary services through our collaboration partner.

HR Department

After a successful recruitment, it's important to help your new employees find their place in the company. The HR Department offers onboarding, employee development, and a wide range of other HR services if you need assistance with this.


The HR function is important to us – if you have one, that is. We are happy to collaborate and share the information that can be shared during a process. If you need assistance with a specific task but not the entire recruitment process, we are still here to help you.

All our processes can be performed in smaller segments:

  • If you want us to analyze a position and create a job description – no problem!
  • Need interviews conducted with selected candidates – go ahead!
  • If you need to reach out to a candidate, but for some reason can't do it yourselves – leave it to us.

In short: we are flexible.

In the end, it's up to you whether you need the entire process or just a specific part of it – we are just happy to be of assistance. Take a look at the comprehensive overview of our processes, and select the parts you need! If you're still uncertain about how a sub-process can benefit your company, feel free to contact us and let us clear up your doubts!

Can You Settle for Less?

Yes, you can! Whether it's the wisest choice depends, of course, on the context. But sometimes, it can actually be advantageous not to initiate a full recruitment process. For instance, if...

You Can Handle the Process Yourself

If you have both the time and the skills to identify the right candidates for your company, then there's no need to embark on a complete recruitment journey with an external recruiting firm!

However, it might be that you want to save some time on certain aspects of recruitment, so you can focus your resources where you believe your expertise makes the most difference. If that's the case, it's often a good idea to consider a recruitment agency to streamline your hiring process!

Need Extra Hands

Sometimes, a recruitment process needs to be expedited. In such cases, it's advantageous to get in touch with us, as rushing the process on your own might lead to an unfortunate outcome: a rushed recruitment. No one benefits from that – quite the opposite.