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No magic tricks - No fluff!

Our processes are continiously tried and tested, and build upon many years of recruiting experience!

Headhunting & Search - nothing else

In Searchers International we have one sole purpose: finding the right employees for our clients. We are experts in this fieds, which is why our services always create measurable value. It is also why our customers keep coming back to us.

Our focus is on one thing alone: Search in its most pure form. Sometimes it is difficult, sometimes it is a little easier. No matter how challenging a task we are presented with, we keep working focused and efficiently until it is done.

We have created value since 2000

A vacant position creates no value, but actually drains the company's resources, and no one wants that. That is why it is always a good investment to get the position occupied by the most qualified candidate as soon as possible.

At Searchers International process is king. We master it, and our competencies and experiences are therefore not limited to a single industry. We can do everything within our field, and tailor our process to our client's needs. So if you want to convert your potential to actual value, reach out to us and lets get started!




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Searchers International

Why us?

We are effective

Simply put: we deliver on our agreements. We can say proudly say this, not only due of our effective recruiting process, but also because of our unique work culture. We are direct and challenging in regards to our tasks, despise quick fixes, and don't run around in circles. We don't waste our clients' time - or our own.

Our network

Our many years of experience have not only sharpened the edge on our recruiting process and work culture - they have also developed our large network of contacts. A well-developed network is a priceless asset that can make life much easier. That being said our process can stand on its own - but it never hurts to have an ace up your sleeve. 

Denmarks longest guarantee

If the use of an external partner unsettles you, then don't worry: we include a guarantee of minimum 2½ years. It reduces your risk and poses no problem for us, as it is rarely used.

External recruiting - Why?

If you are pondering how it can be an advantage to make use of an external partner, then let us answer that question once and for all: it is all about one thing - value.

As a business you have a core competency you excel in, that differentiates you from your competitors, and that creates value for your customers. So do we, and our core competency is recruiting consisting of headhunting and search.

In a collaboration with us, we will focus on what we're good at - headhunting talents, controlling the recruiting process, giving recruiting advice - and you will focus on your own expertise. In that way we both pay to our strengths and create the most value possible for your business.

If you are still uncertain about leaving such an important task to an external partner, take a look at our references. We have many satisfied clients that are happy they chose to ask for our help.

External recruiting
Does it create value?

If you're in doubt as to whether or not a collaboration with us will create value for your business, then ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Do you have an open position?
  • Do you need more insight about the current recruiting trends?
  • Is your core competency not recruiting?

If the answer to the above questions are "Spot on!", then external recruiting can definitely create value for you.


Sometimes you want to uncover whether or not a specific type of candidate exists in a market. It might for example be good to know if suitable talent exists in a new area of business before you enter it. Perhaps you might also want to know what key people your competitors employ, before you enter a new market.

Mapping is the answer to these questions.

It is a strategic tool that helps focus the recruiting process and give the organisation valuable insight into the industry. It is therefore not only useful for recruiting, but also for strategy and marketing initiatives in other parts of the organisation.

Mapping is a subprocess to the whole search process. Sometimes you want mapping done by us, after which your organisation takes care of the rest of the process. Other times you choose to add the search process because you have discovered talent during the mapping.

The Value of Mapping

Industry successcriteria
If you're in doubt about exactly what skills and competencies create value in the industry, you can always take a look at your competitors. By figuring out what type of people they are employing, you will get a better understanding of the competencies that are valued in the industry.

Optimising the process
Sometimes you need a recruiting process to be especially fast. Maybe you want to capitalise on a timelimted market opportunity, or maybe an essential position is vacant.

Whatever the reason is, it is an advantage to already know where suitable talent can be found. If you do, you won't waste time looking places only to find nothing, and you can instead reap the rewards that comes with the quick hiring process.

Personality Tests

If you want an objective assessment of a potential employee's cognitive aptitudes, this is also something we can help you with. We have experience with the most popular personality and IQ tests, and are happy to include them in our recruitment process.

We offer the following personality and IQ tests:


To ensure that your new employees get the best experience at your company, we have teamed up with our partner to offer you supplementary services.


After a successful recruitment it is important to help the new employee find their place in your company. HR-Department offers onboarding, employee development, and a long list of other HR services you might need.


The HR function is important to us - if you have one. We gladly cooperate with you and share information, as much as the situatoin allows us to. Even if you need help with only a single part of the process, but not all of the recruiting process, we still want to help you.

All our processes can be completed in smaller steps:

  • Do you want us to analyse a position - no problem!
  • Do you wish to have interviews done with certain candidates? We got you!
  • Is there a candidate you want to prod, but can't do so yourself - leave it to us!

Simply put: we are effective.

In the end it is up to you whether or not you need a whole process or only a part of one - we are just happy to help. See the complete overview of our processes, and choose the parts you need! If you're still in doubt about how a partial process can help your business, then contact us and we will let you know! 

Is it enough?

Yes it is! Whether or not it is the smartest solution depends on the context of course. However sometimes it is actually an advantage not to set a whole recruiting process in motion. That could be the case if...

You can do the process yourselves 

If you have both the time and the competencies to find the right candidates for your company, well then there is no reason to start a complete recruiting process with an external recruiting company!

However, maybe you want to save some time on certain parts of the process, so you can focus on the parts where your competencies make the biggest difference. If that's the case, then it is often a good idea to consult a recruiting company to optimise your process!

Need extra hands

Sometimes a recruitment needs to go fast. In these cases it might be an advantage to contact us, as you might otherwise risk an unfortunate alternative: a rash recruitment. No one wins in that scenario - quite the opposite in fact.